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Make the transition to an EHR seamless and effective. Learn techniques from doctors whose guiding principles and tools will help you succeed in your daily practice.
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 Strategic Advising
Many Chief Medical Officers (CMO) and Chief Nursing Officers (CNO) level executives are not familiar with jargon and new technology. Let us help "translate" for you. Our team has advised Silicon Valley start-ups, Department of Defense, and various other industry verticals that desire a deeper understanding of the healthcare IT space.
 Electronic Health Record and Optimization
Let us help you rapidly separate the "bells and whistles" from your mission critical EHR enhancements. Calyx Health Partners can assist you in cutting through the clutter and complexities that many IS departments encounter when implementing and optimizing their electronic health record system. We provide a unique ‘Evidence Based Optimization’ approach that is sure to gain rapid adoption by nurses, doctors, and other ancillary clinical staff.
 Training and Communication
We have introduced game-changing technology and processes that assure clinically high yield benefits at the point of care via intuitive channels where providers work. We are experts in ensuring that quality as well as safety enhancements to the EHR do not get missed by your clinicians.
Strategic Advising
“We’re not sure if we should build or buy? I hear that Epic can do this and that, but for some reason we are still struggling to please the docs and nurses. My team and I are 100% committed to helping, however the signal to noise ratio seems a bit overwhelming.” – Executive of healthcare delivery system
Electronic Health Record and Optimization
“I wouldn’t ever go back to paper. I just wish that our company had someway to easily tell me how I can be more efficient during my patient facing time as well as during non-patient facing time such as InBasket tasks. I’ve gotten used to just blocking off 2-3 hours each weekend before the kids get up and tidying up my charts.” - Family Practice Physician
Training and Communication
“I sat through 8 hours of EHR training in order to get my password for go-live, however when the EHR changes I am not always aware of the latest. It seems like it’s changing every day and my patients are noticing my frustration.” – Med-Surg Nurse
“Some Doctors Are Still Holding Out To Find That ONE BIG THING In The EHR To ‘Get My Time Back’. In Reality, There Is No ‘One Big Thing’! The EHR Has Many Small Tweaks And Customizations That Must Be Used Consistently To Save Time And Be More Productive! It’s Just Like Saving Pennies And Nickels, It All Adds Up To Big Wins Very Quickly!” 
David K. Butler, MD
CEO/Founder - Calyx Partners, LLC
Calyx Publications

PodCast: EHR Enabled Hospital Transformation

Dr. David K. Butler came to healthcare as a 'digital native', unwilling to accept the paper-based status quo. In about a decade he went from using Microsoft Word to make medical notes legible to being named Epic Systems Physician of the Year for his contributions to the field of EHR implementation and optimization across 4 companies in 15 years. In this podcast he shares the lessons he has learned with the audience. 

Healthcare IT News: Taking Lean to the screen: Removing Waste from the Electronic Health Record

Many physicians and nurses are traveling across desolate EHR wastelands replete with digital detritus, pixel dust and other non-value-add items.

Healthcare IT News: Top 5 Ways to Bring Doctors to the EHR Optimization Table

Dr. Butler shares his Top 5 proven methods to help busy clinicians stay engaged with the rapidly changing EHR tools to mitigate physician burnout.  
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“As an accomplished physician with an interest in adaptive technologies, and founder of Calyx Partners, LLC, Dr. Butler has literally helped to form and shape the physician engagement strategies, system optimization efforts and clinical direction of too many hospitals, clinics, provider systems and healthcare organizations to count.”

- Jon Manis, CIO SVP Sutter Health

“Calyx Partners, was a welcomed addition to our leadership team at New York Health + Hospital. We engaged Dr. Butler’s company, Calyx Partners, to backfill a strategic CMIO position during a critical juncture of our Epic Implementation journey. They brought deep knowledge of Epic Systems’ people, processes and technologies as well, which helped NYCHHC leverage an ‘Epic First’ methodology in order to maximize their current healthcare technology investments.”

- Ed Marx, CIO, The Advisory Board

“Calyx Partners offered me a very effective executive and informatics coaching program that allowed me to mature in my approach to clinical informatics and the politics that comes with this new role. Many physicians do not have this level of nuanced mentorship as we make the transition from the bedside to the boardroom. Calyx definitely helped me be more efficient, effective and confident in getting things done at Bon Secours.”

Dr. Phillip Snider, Senior Medical Informatics Officer, Bon Secours Health System, Inc

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